This month in Whole Foods Market news we are featuring a delectable fish, that’s so amazing and delicious – Harpoon caught swordfish:


Special to your Whole Foods Market this month is this sustainably caught and oh-so-delicious swordfish. You can feel good enjoying this fish, which holds up beautifully on the grill – check out the epic grill marks! The robust texture and flavors are excellent with the concentrated punch of summer produce.

I created a simple, yet succulent grilled Swordfish with a zesty Peach & Basil Salsa to bring it all together!

What you’ll need:

Whole Fo0ds Market fresh Swordfish

2 tbsp. olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

The Salsa:


4 fresh organic peaches

1/4 cup chopped Basil

1/4 cup lemon curd

1 chopped Jalapeño..optional


Coat the fish with the olive oil, salt and pepper on both sides.  Grill it up until it’s fully cooked in the center and has color on both sides…

Make the salsa, chop the ingredients and mix them up with the lemon curd until well combined…

Spoon the salsa over the fish, and DIG’s such a great dish!  ~Enjoy! 🙂

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