Hold on to your HAT!  Sit down!  Prepare for some culinary craziness…

This union is not just a holy union, it’s a ‘HOLY-MOLY’ union!!  I’m talking about 2 of our favorite foods, magically morphed together in this magnificent menagerie of munchie madness!

Behold an entire pizza that serves as a warm, cheesy bed for piles of NACHOS!  Oh sure..you can eat the Nachos, then move on to a slice of Pizza~ OR..you can grab a Nacho-piled piece and GO FOR IT!

The combination of these two treats are EPIC, and they become BFF’s in your mouth!  Not to mention the WOW factor that this delicious mountain brings to the table..and dare I say, to your life!  LOL!

Whip up some of this Pizza/Nacho snackage and be LOVED!

What you’ll need:

A Pizza..of your choice!

Chips and all your fave nacho toppings!


Layer that pizza with some cheese and ..chips…

And some MORE cheese…

AND..some toppings!

Bake it up until it becomes one!

Add some salsa…

And/OR Sour Cream (for the Nacho in you)

There’s plenty to um..share!

OR not??!  🙂

You can just keep this warm…

Delicious magnificent mash-up, all to yourself…

It’ll be our secret!  ~Enjoy! 🙂


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