Sometimes you just wanna feed the hungry masses and call it a day..right?  It’s been a long day/week, and the last thing you need is a house full of “starving”, picky, crabby eaters, forcing you to get in that kitchen and start throwing stuff together in an effort to shut them up..feed them! 🙂’s a quick little one-dish-wonder that will leave everyone satisfied, including you.  And as a bonus, this creative culinary concoction is super adorable, fun..and delicious!

You just can’t go wrong with cheeseburgers and fries right?  And now you can cheeseburger and fry until you just can’t cheeseburger and fry anymore1!  In the form of a giant, glorious, bubbling casserole, filled with gooey-cheesy, ground beef and piled hight with toasty, seasoned FRIES!   SCORE!

If you have super picky eaters, you can totally use ground Turkey, Chicken or even do a just veggie mix~  your house..your way! 🙂

What you’ll need:

1 lb ground beef…or turkey etc.

1 can cream of mushroom soup

2 cups shredded cheddar cheese

4 cups of seasoned fries

9×9 square baking dish


In a large pan, cook up the beef and add in the soup…

Now, stir in one cup of the cheese…  ahhh..YEAH!

Pour it into the pan, and top it with the other cup of the cheese…

AND..for the BEST part, top that baby with all those fries!!  If won’t matter if they’re defrosted or not!

Bake it up at 350 degrees for approx. 25 minutes, OR until it’s warmed through and the fries are super golden!  It will smell AMAZING!

Grab a plate and start scooping…

And then grab a fork and start EATING!  ~Enjoy! 🙂

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