Sometimes you come across a snack and all you can say is “WHOA”..seriously speechless!  This is one of those!  🙂

I had the blessing amazing opportunity to try out DANG Foods Coconut Chips and I don’t think I will ever snack the same way again.  First of all, lets just take a moment and discuss the variety shall we..?!  I’m talking about Savory Bacon, Chili Lime, Caramel Sea Salt, and of course, Original.  YUM!

I didn’t know which one to try first, and it ended up not mattering, because each one was better than the if that’s even possible.  These light and crispy coconut crunches can be added to any baked goods, or trail mixes for a sweet-treat experience that you can feel good about!

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What Are Dang Coconut Chips?
Gluten Free
No Cholesterol
Good Source of Fiber
High in Lauric Acid
*?Applies to uncoated flavors. Coated items are not vegan, and contain dairy.

Made from the nutrient-packed copra, or meat of the coconut, our toasted coconut chips are a delicious snack that provides loads of energy. The meat is sliced out of mature coconuts then gently toasted until golden brown with a dash of sugar and salt. The toasting process brings out the natural sweetness of the coconut meat and turns it from white to golden brown. Professional tasters detect notes of vanilla, yogurt and pear. What do you taste?

Since copra is high in fiber, you don’t have to eat a lot to feel full…a few handfuls and you’ll be good to go. We think toasted coconut chips are the perfect snack because they satisfy your snack cravings quickly and give you a boost of energy.

Many cultures around the world have been subsisting on coconuts for generations, and rightfully so. This miracle tree nut has so many uses, it might just be the most versatile crop plant in the world. The husks can be burned to produce electricity, the juice is delicious, light and packed with electrolytes, and the meat can be eaten raw for a snack, pressed into coconut milk, or toasted for a truly special experience.

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