Let me start by saying Happy “National Coffee Day”!  Could there be a better day for a celebration?  I think not!  🙂

There is no greater, universally loved beverage than Coffee and we deserve this day..darn it!  It should be a National holiday if you ask me, so we can all stay home where we can jitter and jump in peace.

But, we’ll just have to endure..lol!

So in honor of this momentous day, I whipped up what turned out to be the BEST burger I’ve EVER had.  With this burger, we can not only take our coffee celebration into the dinner hour, but we can do it in the most delicious way imaginable!

I threw together a quick Espresso Sauce to infuse directly into the burgers, as well as drizzle ALL over them, just to drive home that beautiful boost of coffee flavor.  Espresso is the perfect flavor balance to the burger ..and when that gooey cheddar is melted on top, with an extra squirt of that espresso sauce ~  OH, you and your chin will never be the same!

I also served these in some coffee filters, because…uh..ADORABLE!  🙂

I paired this coffee-filled, juicy burger with the most amazing Corn Dusted Kaiser Rolls from the Cobblestone Bread Company, simply because there is NO better bun!  These ridiculously fresh, delicious, and slightly nutty rolls made this burger the incredible delicious delight that it is, and supported all of that juice like a BOSS! 

~Take a few minutes (yep..that’s ALL) and go whip up some of these burgers, and grab a stack of napkins..trust me!

What you’ll need for 2 beautiful burgers:

1 lb. ground beef

4 slices of sharp cheddar..per burger

1 egg

2 tablespoons instant espresso

2 tablespoons bbq sauce..your fave

1 tablespoon water

coffee filters for serving..optional, but SO cute!


In a large bowl, combine the meat, egg, espresso, and 1 tbsp. of bbq sauce.  Mix well to combine…

In a small bowl add the water, other tbsp. of bbq sauce and a dash of espresso..mix well and set aside.

Form the beef patties, and grill those babies up, while basting them with that extra espresso sauce…

When they’re done to your liking, top them with the cheese, another squirt of espresso sauce, and layer them onto a delicious burger bun!  Your fave burger toppings are always a good addition too!

Serve them in coffee filters for maximum FUN!   ~Enjoy!   🙂

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