There’s just nothing quite like the childhood whimsey of a good old Animal Cracker!  Who doesn’t have memories of being a kid, with a glass of cold milk..enjoying one of the simplest, yet most fun-inducing cookies crackers of ALL time?!

With the help of Reynolds, I was able to recreate these delicious and adorable little gems, and dare I say..they were better than the original!

These Grahams were so rich in flavor and texture.  Each one of these little guys took a nice swim in some milk, and then dove straight into my!

Thanks to Reynolds Parchment Paper..the simple task of creating these became even simpler!  Not only did each tender graham cracker come right off of the paper..they almost jumped off.  Not a sticky little animal to be had.

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And then go make a BIG batch of these fun and tasty little treats to keep on hand for YOU those hungry after-school kiddos!

Here is the fool-proof recipe link courtesy of Reynolds!  > “HOMEMADE ANIMAL GRAHAM CRACKERS”


Enjoy!  🙂

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