SOooo…I saw an incredible bounty of Heirloom Tomatoes at Whole Foods Market an then this idea for Heirloom Tomato Chips hit me, and BOOM..just like that..fell in love!

These beauties are a late summer favorite—make the most of them. These funny shaped gems come in a rainbow of colors and are a special addition to a recipe or perfect to be savored on their own with a little sprinkle of salt.  However, this recipe allows you to enjoy them as a crispy, crunchy, oh-so-satisfying snack! Not to mention, that when sealed well, they can last you well into the Fall..WINNING!

You’d think that these beauties would require a fancy dehydrator, But NOooo, your oven is all you need!!  🙂

When selecting heirloom tomatoes it’s important to note the very thing that makes them taste so great also makes them more fragile than most tomatoes. Here are some quick tips for picking and handling these culinary crowd-pleasers:

(Unless you’re making these chips)  Only buy enough for a few days — heirlooms ripen faster than modern commercial varieties
· Pick heirlooms that are somewhat firm to the touch. This is more important with the larger varieties but if you buy a soft heirloom of any size, chances are it’s overripe.
· Avoid tomatoes with open splits and cracks. A tomato with a large surface area where the stem was attached will likely have a hard area inside that is unusable.
· Don’t refrigerate! One of the best characteristics of heirlooms is their texture and like all tomatoes, prolonged exposure to temperatures below 41 degrees will soften tomatoes and make them mushy.
· Keep recipes simple to allow the flavors to shine! Pair with fresh mozz and olive oil or with local corn

Even though these will last for a long time..they were gone in about 10 minutes, but oh well!  They’re SO yummy!  You will LOVE them!

What you’ll need:

Heirloom Tomatoes..found at Whole Foods Market


Italian Seasoning

Parchment Paper

Sheet Pans


Slice the Tomatoes 1/4 of an inch in thickness…

Place a rack onto the Sheet Pan and then top it with a paper bag or parchment paper.

Place all the Tomato slices onto the paper, making sure that they don’t touch …

Sprinkle them with salt and some italian seasoning~  BE SURE NOT TO USE  TOO MUCH!  once the Tomatoes have dried, the salt and seasoning becomes VERY strong!

Bake them at 250 degrees for approx. 3 1/2 hours, but keep a close eye on them!  They will crisp up a bit as they cool!  Gently eel them off the paper~  they will pop off pretty easily~

Let them cool, and start snacking away~

They are SO delicious!  ~Enjoy!  🙂

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