Well…Since the very first time I saw that Pizza Cake (you know the one).. my first thought was..WOW, and my second thought (which pretty much didn’t even give my first thought a chance to finish..rude) was ‘Bleh..that’s TOO SO much work!’   Followed by a third and forth set of thoughts = 3. ‘Those dough layers look uh..very doughy!’ AND > 4.  ‘That’s a LOT of work!’  (I know..#4 is a repeat thought, but it is a LOT of work..haha)

Anyway~  It only took me a matter of seconds to figure out how to achieve that Pizza Cake WOW factor with almost zero effort (cuz that’s just how I roll around here)  🙂

Following one of my many food mottos “A recipe should never take you longer to read than it does to cook” I quickly opened a few boxes of frozen Pizza and got my ‘Cake’ on in the cheesiest and EASIEST way ever!

You! Are! Welcome!  🙂

Now you can impress or horrify your family and friends without even breaking a sweat, ..good times!

What you’ll need:

An 8″ spring-form pan

3-4 8″ frozen pizzas..your fave brand!  Make sure they’re DEFROSTED!

2 cups of shredded cheese, I used cheddar, cuz that’s what I had on hand..but Mozzarella will work awesome!

10-12 Pepperoni


This is stupid simple, so just go with it..lol

Ok~  Layer one of the pizzas in the pan and top it with some shredded cheese a.k.a glue!

Now top it with another pizza and more cheese…

Again & again as high up as you’d like your cake to be ( I went 3 high)..then top the entire thing with cheese and pepperoni!

Bake it at 350 degrees for approx. 30-45 minutes or until it’s warm, melty, and gooey all the way through.

Let it cool a bit before popping it out of the pan…

Then GO FOR IT!  Take in your Ta-Dah moment..be proud of this hack, laziness is an art!  🙂

Slice it up..

Plate it up!

Eat it up!


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