So when it comes to top quality Tofu and Soy products, one name brand always comes to mind, Nasoya!

I recently had the pleasure of trying out their incredible Organic, non-GMO Tofu products and was so impressed by the freshness, the quality and versatility of something as simple as Tofu!  This isn’t just your typical Tofu..nope!  Nasoya has made it exciting by offering an amazing variety of flavors and textures to the mix.

For this recipe, I used Nasoya’s new Chipotle TofuBaked for an exciting, simple and delicious meal that you can feel good about.  The Chipotle flavor is perfect as the weather gets cooler and adds such a nice warm, heat to the dish.  I paired it with some sweet grilled pineapple for a sweet-heat balance of flavors and everyone LOVED it!  The grilled and caramelized Chipotle added such a rich, flavorful and slightly spicy balance to the sweet grilled pineapple.

~For a unique and tasty jazzed-up meal, give Nasoya a try~  you’ll love it to!  

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Nasoya started in 1978 when the company’s founders first made tofu in a transformed barn in Leominster, Massachusetts. Consumers loved Nasoya tofu, and by 1987, the company moved to a new production facility and installed state of the art Japanese production equipment to produce over 60,000 pounds of tofu per week. The production expansion and equipment upgrade, coupled with the increasing demand for health conscious food products, propelled Nasoya’s growth throughout the United States.

In 1990, Nasoya was acquired by Vitasoy USA, Inc., a pioneer in bringing organic and all-natural soy foods to America and part of Vitasoy International Holdings Ltd. The acquisition allowed Nasoya to expand its product line by offering Asian style noodles, wraps and Nayonaise, the country’s first ever vegan, soy-based sandwich spread.

Always striving to meet the changing needs of consumers, Nasoya has provided delicious, premium foods to consumers for over 35 years. The company’s innovations include TofuPlus®, fresh, all-natural Asian style noodles and wraps, Pasta Zero and Nayonaise vegan sandwich spread. All Nasoya tofu products are non-GMO Project Verified.

Look for Nasoya in the produce or dairy section of supermarkets and natural grocers nationwide.

Company Mission
At Nasoya we believe in fresh, sustainable, healthy foods that inspire everyone, fueling creative and healthy eating for all diet types, including vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and omnivores. We hope you’ll join us in making each day delicious!”

What you’ll need:

Nasoya’s Chipotle Tofubaked Tofu

4-6 pineapple slices

Onion, cut into 1″ pieces

An indoor grill


Lightly spray the grill with non-stick spray.

Slice the Chipotle TofuBaked into 1″ squares and frill them up until they’re golden on both sides.

Grill the pineapple and onion as your liking.

Serve it on some fresh pineapple for a fresh, sweet-heat taste.

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