SOoo..not that long ago I asked my Facebook readers to come up with a super unique sandwich idea, and I was shocked at the amount of incredible creativity that’s just floating around out there not being!

The ideas came pouring in, and each one was better than the last..leaving me with a super tough, almost impossible decision to make.  BUT..there was one idea, that caught my eye and made me stare  and that idea came from OBI reader Michael Kroh!

Get this–Michael came up with the idea to eliminate the boring “bread” from a Monte Cristo Sandwich and replace it with um..wait for it >>  Jelly Doughnuts!!  How brilliant is that??!  Now we have the bread, the jelly, and the powdered sugar (MINUS the deep fried, fatty oil) ALL IN ONE amazing Jelly doughnut shortcut.  And I haven’t even mentioned the WOW factor yet, because, JELLY DOUGHNUTS!

This sandwich hack is nothing short of genius, not to mention out of this world delicious!

You literally sink down, surrendering into that tender, sweet, jelly filled doughnut and when you get to that warm, cheesy, Monte Cristo meaty goodness, you’ll think you died and went to sandwich heaven..and then you reach the OTHER Jelly doughnut on the bottom..OMG!

Give this a quick and tasty try~  you can forget the batter, forget the oil, forget those boring extra bread, jelly, and sugar ingredients ..because now you’ll be getting your Monte Cristo on in a matter of minutes!  Thank you Michael Kroh for your amazing “Monte CristKroh!”  🙂

PS~  if any of you have a delicious idea burring a whole in your head..feel free to pass it along to me, and if it makes me go “Oooh”..I’ll bring it to life with your name on it too!  🙂  But for now, go make yourself one.. or ten of these babies!

What you’ll need:

Jelly Doughnuts…two per each Monte CristKROH!

Your typical Monte Cristo sandwich suspects~  Cheese, Deli Meats etc..the choices are up to you!


Simply layer and stack your sandwich fillings…place them on a sheet pan OR plate and either warm them in the oven, OR if you just can’t, microwave that stack to get it all hot and gooey!

Now, just fill up those two doughnuts with your warm meats and cheeses.

DIG IN and taste that simple, sweet-savory Monte CristKROH satisfaction!  ~  Enjoy!  🙂

**Thank you Michael Kroh!

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