Oh come on~  someone HAD to do it, and I thought it would be fun it that someone was ..me.  🙂

I mean why not?!  This Whopper is already scary, all I did was take that deep dark fear-infused bun to a whole other level!

I mean, what fun is it to settle for food that’s just plain old disturbing, ordinarily icky, basically basic?  That’s no fun at all!  Real food-fun doesn’t start until you’ve horrified at least 5-10 of your closest family and friends..or at the VERY least..one grandma (extra points for scaring Gram with food cuz that’s hard to do..lol)

Anyway~  I decided to take this Black Bun madness to delicious new madness heights by coating it in a rich and thick beer batter, and then ummm…deep frying it!  IT was spectacular!

The beer batter actually morphed this Whopper into a truly unique sandwich sensation…like it was meant to be.  🙂  Just think of this as a beer battered, black whopper Monte Cristo of sorts..NOW do you get it?  ..I knew you would! 😉

Go do this and serve them up on your next game day… all the screaming will be coming from your living room..LOL!  🙂

~What you’ll need for 2 beer battered black whoppers:

2 Black Halloween Whoppers

1-12 oz. bottle of beer.. your seasonal fave!

2 cups flour

salt and pepper to taste

toasted sesame seeds for garnish..optional

oil for frying..I used canola


In a large bowl, combine the flour, beer, salt and pepper until smooth…

Use the WHOLE beer… 🙂

Simply coat the Whopper generously with the batter…

Let the excess beer batter drip away…

And fry it up until it’s evenly golden on both sides..

NOW..for the big reveal~ Go in and go in deep~ the flavors of the crispy beer batter combined with the richness of that black bun and meaty Whopper goodness.. truly are amazing!  ~Enjoy! 🙂

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