Let me start y saying… HAPPY NATIONAL SANDWICH DAY!  Can you even believe that a day exists with a sole purpose of celebrating the best food method ever??!  Well, it’s here, it’s real..and it’s spectacular!

While you’re scrambling to find some bread, let me introduce you to an adorable way to share the sandwich festivities~  Not only are these the cutest little smile makers, but their name is cute too..  these baggies are called “BUMKINS”!   Can you stand it?  How cute is that?

Bumkins are a collection of adorably designed baby/kid items including yep..sandwich and snack baggies, that will put a smile on those faces long before the snacks reach their lips.  Just look at those super hero and super popular designs!  They should actually have your face on them, since YOU will be the superhero when you hand these out!

Check out their adorable goodies, and go make yourself a nice big sandwich!  🙂

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