Well, Halloween has come and gone and now it’s time to enjoy some of the snacks that can be left behind.  And I’m NOT just talking about candy.. (not that there’s anything wrong with that..lol)

I’m talking about those leftover pumpkins that you might have sitting around, un-carved, filled with um..pumpkin seeds.  If you’re like me and have extra pumpkins still sitting on the front porch, go get them…and do THIS:

With the delicious addition of Country Crock, you can take those seeds and:

Promote bone health
· Help the body build and repair tissue
· Remove harmful microbes from the body
· Cleanse the body and help detoxify the liver
· Improve digestive health
· Lower cholesterol
· Promote heart health
· Improve immune system function
· Regulate mood, sleep and appetite

In short, pumpkin seeds are just what the body needs during flu season, not to mention that they are a perfect alternative to Halloween candy and a definite crowd-pleaser! There’s a variety everyone is sure to love:

· Fireside Snack Mix
· Spicy Pumpkin Seeds
· Pumpkin Pie Spiced Pumpkin Seeds
· Harvest Topping

All of these recipes are made from Country Crock®, a buttery spread that’s a part of the good fat family and made with real, simple ingredients including delicious oils, purified water and a pinch of salt.

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