As I spend LOTS of time in the kitchen, I have realized that quality and conservation usually don’t mix.  If I want to use quality ingredients (especially SPICES)…that usually means that I’m purchasing large quantities and very often not using all of them before they’re no longer um..usable!

When I discovered Ground 2 Table Spice Blends and Gourmet Flavor Kits..that ALL changed!

About: Ground 2 Table is an organic food company, passionate about serving up flavorful, organic and sustainable food in new ways. Ground 2 Table’s product offerings include 12 organic Spice Blends, free of salt, sugar, artificial flavorings and GMOs, and four Gourmet Flavor Kits, perfectly portioned, single use recipe packs that includes organic fresh herbs coupled with a spice blend companion and an easy-to-use recipe. By providing an innovative, individual use packet of products typically sold in bulk, Ground 2 Table hopes to educate consumers on small steps they can take to embrace the Buy Small | Use It All™ revolution. Each product inspires culinary creativity for anyone from beginner cooks to accomplished chefs by providing endless ways to mix and match foods. Ground 2 Table products are the fastest way to make any basic meal gourmet and ordinary snack sensational while conserving resources and budget dollars.

Fall is the season where we indulge in classic comfort food with flavors like pumpkin, apples, cinnamon and sweet potatoes. Often times the question comes up on how to enjoy delicious food while incorporating healthy habits. Not to worry because Ground 2 Table, a conscious organic food company passionate about serving flavorful and organic food in new ways, is here to help you enjoy your favorite fall meals and snacks all season long without feeling guilty. By offering 12 organic spice blends, along with their four brand new Gourmet Flavor Kit varieties of single-use recipe packs, made without salt, sugar or fillers, Ground 2 Table has made it easier to mix and match food using their range of blends in endless ways.

Now foodies everywhere can embrace the fall season by elevating a traditional favorite recipe to the next culinary level by exploring Ground 2 Table product offerings. The change of seasons brings an opportunity to cook hearty and soulful meals, snacks and desserts with loved ones – as food is love!

Each season presents a unique array of flavors, joys and cravings. Here are a few ideas on how to pair Ground 2 Table’s blends with a classic recipe that will be sure to spark your taste buds in seconds:

· Spice Blend 4 (Mesquite BBQ): Add this to a rich bean soup for that extra kick in flavor

· Spice Blend 11 (Curry): Create creamy chicken curry over a rich, smooth sauce with a side of oven-roasted chickpeas to make a delectable main dish

· Spice Blend 12 (Cinnamon & Spice): With flavor notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, make the easiest cinnamon apple cake with Spice Blend 12 to satisfy your fall sweet tooth


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