When I was presented with an opportunity to try out these reusable glass cups from JOCO, I almost literally jumped!  I have been a fan of ditching all-things plastic for a while now, and swapping all of it for good old, sanitary and safe glass!  That system works well, until you want to enjoy a hot beverage, and you’re torn between the choice of either burning your fingers, or sipping a luke-warm drink..ew.

But NOW~  all those problems are solved!  JOCO has developed the best little solution and my tea transporting will never be the same!

Take a look at what this amazing company is all about!

“Hello, we are JOCO
We make glass reusable coffee cups. Our cups are designed to enhance your morning brew, save your taste buds and help out mother nature.
How, you ask? Well lets’ start with the basics.”

Most of us have had a coffee or tea served in a disposable paper or Styrofoam cup. In fact, there might even be one or two in your rubbish bin right now. Take a peek.

Annually, over 500 billion disposable paper, Styrofoam and single-use plastic cups are used worldwide and this figure is rapidly rising each year. Shockingly, these cups deplete natural resources, increase C02 emissions and most are sent straight to landfill where they add to the global waste crises.

The JOCO community are regular crew who believe its time to give a little back. We aspire to help reduce preventable waste with fine looking and forward-thinking product that makes the takeaway experience better. There’s a whole host of benefits for you and the natural environment when using JOCO reusable cups.

Give them a try, and check them out on social as well!






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