With the holiday season quickly approaching, I wanted to share an awesome new product from Reynolds Kitchens that’ll help make your cooking adventures way more fun (not to mention more convenient!).

This year, Reynolds is releasing a new line of Disposable Bakeware, which comes with a carrier for easy transportation.  Here’s a printable coupon for  YOU!

Reynolds Disposable Bakeware solves common problems with transporting food outside of the home, has convenient handles for stable/easy carrying and can easily go from oven to table
It’s ideal for preparing dishes to bring to friends of family or to drop off at a neighbors’ place
Bakeware comes in a variety of modern, colorful designs that are sure to complement the vibe of any gathering
It also comes in a number of shapes and sizes (including parchment-lined options), to accommodate a wide variety of dishes.

With all of the goodies that I donate on a daily basis, this bakeware also serves as an adorable and convenient way to transport and serve up all of my treats.  Not to mention, that the variety of sizes is fabulous and accommodates any sized treats that you can dream up.

Like these “Hot Chocolate Krispie Treats”..recipe coming soon, hint-hint!  🙂

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