Oscar Mayer has taken Food-ball season to the next level with this table-top touchdown idea of a snack!  I put my own spin on their creation with the addition of queso, but there are many ways to make this table-top touchdown of a snack your own.

Here is Oscar Mayer’s original Fantasy  Foodball for fabulous inspiration!  🙂


This ‘Foodball’ is made up of all things fantasy… it has layers of meat, warm, gooey, cheesy queso dip, and fixings piled high into the shape of a football.

All covered with delicious Oscar Mayer Ham ..uh..and BACON..(a pigskin, if you will).  Bringing your fantasy Foodball snacks to a delicious and beautiful reality..SCORE!

What you’ll need:

A round loaf of bread..football-ish shaped.

Oscar Mayer Ham.. enough slices to cover your “foodball”

1 lb. bacon..crispy

1 jar of queso cheese dip

string cheese for garnish

lettuce…a.k.a grass

assorted chips, pickles and any other “fans” you’d like to snack on..on the sidelines.

toothpicks for dipping!


Cut a shallow hole inside your “football” bread and scoop out some of the center, making room for the cheese dip…

Fill it up with warm cheesy dip, and layer on the meats.  Top it with some of that crispy bacon, and string cheese..making it look like the fantasy ‘foodball’ of your dreams..lol!

Now dig in, you are the MVP of snacks… now go in for a few re-plays..{applause}  ~Enjoy!

**Oscar Mayer provided the product shown in this post, all opinions are my own.

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