‘Tis the season to annoy gather the family..Fa La La La La..La La La Laaah!

~Yep, it’s here, that glorious time of the year when we celebrate life, love, happiness…and the secret joy of numbing ourselves when it all gets a bit too much…lol!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way telling anyone to get “drunk”.. NOooo!  I’m just saying that one or two little sips of something other than water, might be good for our tolerance level soul.  And, if we’re going to have a few sips of say, umm..booze, what better way to make it look less like therapy and more like “festive fun” than with the addition of candy canes?!  *WINNING!*  < can we still say that?

A few candy canes thrown into the mix, and suddenly you’re not drinking to escape, you’re drinking to promote the happy holidays!  ..awww, you’re  SO generous like that!  🙂

Fill up some pretty jars, and now it also makes the best hostess gift EVER~  just think, who else will be giving this super cute gift of sanity libation?  While everyone else is bringing wine and fudge, you’ll be keeping it real with a nice, harsh shot of VODKA…because waiting for a glass of Cabernet to set in takes too long, and ain’t nobody got time for that.  🙂

Each adorable and refreshing, pepperminty shot is not only unique, fun, and delicious..but just look at how pretty it is.  You can sit back, or uh..’SIP’ back, and watch the beauty of this shot actually come to life, as it self-infuses with the glorious flavors and pink candy cane-ish colors of the holiday season!


What you’ll need:

Some cute jars, with sticker letters, and pretty holiday themed stickers.


Candy Canes, small enough to fit inside the jars, because CUTE!


Add as many candy canes as you’d like into your jars, and fill them up with your fave Vodka…

Let the Vodka do work its magic on those festive, minty sticks..it doesn’t take long…

You can put the jars into the freezer at this point if you like your Vodka super chilled.

Serve it up with a cute frosting-dipped, crushed candy cane shot glass filled with this delicious cheer!  ~Enjoy! 🙂



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