Once in a while a cookie comes along that simply outshines all other cookies.  And I mean once in a GREAT while!  I’m happy that I have the chance to share with you Kelley’s Kookies.  Yep, Kelley’s Kookies have taken everything we know and adore about cookies and raised the bar to levels that I’m pretty sure no other cookie can reach.

First  of all, LOOK at this packaging…it screams quality, from the beautiful and festive holiday colors to the charming ribbon, you just know that when you open that box you’ll be smiling.

Then comes the quality!  WOW~ Kelley’s Kookies are baked with natural ingredients and no added preservatives.  So they’re almost guilt-free!  🙂

THEN, then when you see the assorted cookie goodness, and the delectable variety of flavors..you’ll be running for the milk.  Now, I tried, Oh..I tried SO hard to choose a favorite, but I just couldn’t do it (and not because I didn’t taste enough of them either..lol)..

SO let’s just start with the Peppermint Shortbread… If you don’t plunge one of these deep into a mug of Hot Cocoa, you’re simply not living right!  Buttery, rich and fresh, each cookie is generously loaded with crunchy and sweet peppermint.

Now for the Krispy GingerbreadThese crispy cookies scream Holiday in. your. mouth.  Leave a few of these out for Santa and he just might leave you some cash!

Speaking of cash, these Sugar Cookies are MONEY!  You can totally use these cookies as currency to get the kids to clean the house before the family comes over…trust me.  🙂

When that family does arrive, meet them at the door with a few of  the Shortbread Cookies.  Everyone will instantly be in an even better mood, and you know what that means…less cocktails, and no holiday family bickering! ..SCORE!

When those cookies and guests are all gone, and they will be.. send them home with something they’ll enjoy..A delicious Kelley’s Kookies Gift Set filled with more amazing varieties of scrumptious cookies!

P.S. If you use the code FREEGIFT at checkout you’ll receive a free package of peppermint shortbread cookies!

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