The new year is upon us and we know what that means, RESOLUTIONS!  And what would a good list of resolutions be without the “healthy eating” requirement making it’s way to the top of the list?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and finding ways to keep it on the healthier side can be a challenge.  Luckily, OZERY Bakery has found a way to let us enjoy fresh, delicious bread in a ton of varieties without ALL that guilt with their incredible line of thin and wholesome Morning Rounds. 

Quality you’ll feel good about serving your family from a company with a time-tested and proven legacy of integrity and deliciousness:

“Our company started as a small, family-owned bakery 19 years ago, and not much has changed. We have welcomed new faces and helping hands over the years, but what started as a business with a father, Al Ozery, and his two sons, Alon and Guy, is still the same. Today, our father is enjoying semi-retirement and we work hard to make him proud.

Alon Ozery As the founder of Ozery’s Pita Break, Alon is the creative force behind the company’s innovative products. He believes that balancing nutrition and taste is of the utmost importance, and spends much of his time researching and refining products with the company’s product development team. He has an affinity for espresso, and can often be found exploring Toronto’s diverse coffee shops.

Guy Ozery As Ozery’s Pita Break’s president, Guy’s attention to detail and goal-oriented mindset is a driving force behind the company’s success. Guy focuses on the business aspect of the company, and oversees the company’s operations and production. He is passionate about good food, and enjoys supporting local emerging restaurants in the Greater Toronto Area.”

I whipped up a simple, hearty and less guilty version of a breakfast sandwich that will have you satisfied and out the door in no time.

What you’ll need:

OZERY Cranberry Orange Morning Round

2 slices of brie

2 tbsp. fruit preserves

1 sausage patty..sliced in half


Slice open the bread and top it with the cooked sausage, cheese and preserves.  Warm it up in a low oven (300 degrees) for approx. 12 minutes, or until the cheese is all melty and yummy!  Serve and enjoy!  🙂

Check out their amazing line of “Morning Rounds” :


Start your day off right with Morning Rounds, the fruit and grain bun that will make you want to ditch those unhealthy doughnuts, muffins and pastries. We only put in what’s delicious, like pieces of real apples, whole oats and seeds. With Morning Rounds, breakfast and snacks are a no-brainer—the hardest part is choosing one out of our four delicious flavors.

Morning Rounds are crafted with care in small batches, and contain absolutely nothing artificial.

Morning Rounds contain no artificial preservatives. If you don’t eat them by the “best by” date, FREEZE for freshness. HEAT in the oven at 400° F for ONE MINUTE for fresh-baked flavor, or THAW at room temperature to enjoy later.”

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