With all the new year’s resolutions flying around we can’t help but be a bit more careful about what goes in our mouths, at least for the first few weeks right?  So ..as we all know, fruit is a healthy and sweet option for those indulgent cravings we became all to used to over the holidays.

I decided to whip up a super simple, decadent fruit snack/appetizer using pears and a couple of ingredients from the BEST off the best dressings and cheese!  Lighthouse Salad Dressing and Crumbled Cheese to this otherwise ordinary fruit and totally took it over the top in flavor and presentation.

The quality of Lighthouse Foods is stellar and time tested, you can’t go wrong with quality and variety you can count on every time!  Check out their amazing vinaigrette options!  

What you’ll need:

1 pear

2 strips of crispy and crumbled bacon

a drizzle of Lighthouse Bacon Vinaigrette

some of the Gorgonzola cheese to sprinkle on top


Slice the fresh pear

Top with the dressing, cheese and bacon~  Serve and enjoy!


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