Sometimes something just clicks inside my brain and I get a sudden urge to wrap a scrumptious treat in umm..bacon..

..and then proceed to plunge it deep into some oil.

THIS is one of those times!  Oh,  know there are many more important things I could be pondering, however, none f these things would come close to being as delicious as these sinfully succulent Twinkies.

And to be honest, one ever seems to mind that don’t use this creativity to solve any of our bigger problems..especially while they’re all busy shamelessly chowing down on these terrific a twinkies.

Oh, not to worry, I’m not only about delicious evil goodness… I can fry up some Angel Food Cake like no one’s

This is such a simple, no-brainer of a treat, each bite is the perfect combo of sweet, salty, gooey, and succulent.  🙂

Make LOTS!

What you’ll need:


Thin sliced Bacon

Oil for frying

toothpicks for securing


heat up the oil to 350 degrees

wrap each TWINKIE with one slice of the bacon, making sure to secure it with a toothpick…

fry them one or two at a time until golden…

let them cool and remove the toothpicks…

serve them up…

watch them disappear…

Then..repeat.  ~Enjoy!  🙂  And happy snacking!

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