Doing what I do here, I’m lucky and blessed to receive and review many, many products every day.  Most, if not all of the time, I know exactly what to expect and it’s a super fun thing to do.  Very rarely are my expectations exceeded to the extent that they were exceeded here with this product.

Now, I have to admit, when I think about broth, I think about a can of tasty water, ready and waiting for me to pop it open.  So when this bag of BIY Bone Broth arrived, I was surprised to see a pouch, but ok~  I figured that the broth was frozen inside and that would be that // but Nooo!

The pouch was filled with luscious bones and an incredible flavor packet, just waiting to be brought to delicious life in my slow cooker.

This broth isn’t your typical processed and overly salted water!  This mineral-rich broth literally comes to life before your very eyes and results in the BEST, most flavorful, rich, broth experience I’ve ever had.

Just look at that color!

Funny to call something like broth an experience, but that’s exactly what this is.  Inside that pouch I found beautiful, flavor filled, grass fed beef bones ready to be slow simmered into the gorgeous mahogany colored, deeply flavored addition to any meal you can imagine.

Check out their info:

Bone broth contains minerals and vitamins that help keep your bones and joints strong. It aids your recovery from injury, surgery or pregnancy. Drink up, train hard, refuel fast. Every detail matters.

Makeup only covers up your flaws. Let the collagen in bone broth give your skin, hair and nails an internal makeover. Bone marrow has healthy fats that your body can use to moisturize and rebuild your tissues and cells.

Illness is very expensive. Preventing disease with proper nutrition is your most cost effective way to maintain wellness. Each of our kits gives you a full gallon of bone broth. Enough for you, your family and friends to enjoy.

This is not your stale and bland supermarket broth in a box. Our bone broth is uniquely formulated with your tastebuds in mind. It may be the most delicious whole food supplement you have ever sipped.

Our kits make brewing premium bone broth simple. We have assembled everything you need into one complete package. Just unzip, pour and cook. By the next day, you get to savor real, homemade bone broth. Quality nutrition can be this convenient.

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