So it’s that ‘Easter’ time of year again.  We lose an hour, gain some houseguests, entertain the kids, and cook a delicious ham.  But, somehow we forget about entertaining ourselves.  Like, even though cleaning the house for 3 days, shopping, and cooking for everyone is ..tons of um, …*fun..we also deserve our adult moments.  Right?  RIGHT! 🙂

And by “adult moments” I’m talking about cocktails,!

Super simple, fun, whimsical, cocktails that will take the ‘sometimes’ jagged holiday edge off.  I always prefer my cocktails when they’re themed, and what better theme is there than Easter?  Easter offers fun colors, cute games, tasty treats, and funny easter themed cocktails it is.

Keeping with tradition, I chose the good old PEEP as my cocktail vessel of choice, and what a good choice it was.  Not just because I’m not the biggest Peeps fan, and adding alcohol only makes them more ‘attractive’, but all of my taste testing guinea pigs (a.k.a my family & friends) enjoyed the heck out of these silly shooters, and they actually requested more.  Not too surprising if you know my family and friends when it comes to booze..but still..haha!

In a matter of seconds, you too can say CHEERS to the Bunny in the cutest and tastiest way ever!

What you’ll need:


Your choice of alcohol~  I used Bailey’s

Melted chocolate..optional just to fill gaps.

Fun and colorful sprinkles


Simply secure a PEEP onto a fork, and gently roast it over a flame, or stovetop until golden.,,

Carefully remove the peep from the fork, and as it cools it will sink into itself.  If it doesn’t sink as much as you like, simply let it cool, and push the center down just a bit…

Each Peep will take on its own unique and fun shape as it cools and sets up…

Fill any gaps with a light coating of melted chocolate if needed…

Pour in the booze…

…add some fun sprinkles, and as quickly as you can..drink it up..


~ chase it with the PEEP!

**CHEERS!  ~Enjoy! 🙂

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