Go ahead..call me easily amused, but I get such a kick out of doing delicious, and semi-toturous things with and to PEEPS.   I’m not sure if it stems from the fact that I’d really never think about eating an un-abused, sober, or non-melted/torched, plain old PEEP!  Or if it’s just that I’m one sadistic PEEP lover/hater…haha.  Either way, it doesn’t matter, because we’re always left with a much better Peep, that’s super fun, tortured and tasty!  …so THERE!  😉

Now we can bring all of that colorful PEEP fun to our breakfast, and make the most important meal of the day, also the most fun!  ]

Nothing like warm, melty, florescent marshmallows serving as the glue that holds together thick, custardy slices of french toast..right?!


Watch as the kids and by “kids” I mean..adults too..go crazy when they see what’s happened to their precious PEEPS..and their French Toast..haha!

Make a giant stack, and taste the good times!

What you’ll need: 

Some thick cut French or Italian Bread

PEEPS..all colors

2 cups milk

2 eggs


Powdered Sugar..optional



Mix up the custard (the milk & eggs)…

Slice the bread into 2″ slices and make a shallow cut into the bread, forming a “pocket”.  Shove one or two PEEPS into the pocket.

Dip it into the custard.

Grill them up on a buttered grill, until their golden on all sides, and the PEEPS are melty…

Stack them up nice and warm and gooey.  Add a drizzle of Syrup and some powdered sugar if you’d like!  And DIG IN!  ~Enjoy! 🙂

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