Thaifusions established in 2005, is a Seattle-based company founded by Chef Max Borthwick and his mother, Toi, a native of Thailand. The company creates authentic Thai sauces here in the U.S. Thaifusions was born in the Borthwick’s home kitchen, and is reflective of Chef Borthwick’s dynamic heritage, which comes from his Thai mother and Scottish-Irish father. When he was growing up in the United States, Chef Borthwick’s mother was constantly creating Thai ingredients and dishes from scratch, which inspired his love of cooking and of traditional Thai foods.

The mother and son team began crafting Thaifusions’ sauces at home, and until very recently, that’s where every jar was made. Today, the sauces are still created in Seattle, but in a larger facility closely overseen by the Borthwicks. All the sauces are completely free of artificial preservatives and coloring, and are crafted using locally-sourced chili peppers. Thaifusions sauces are available at specialty retailers, with the latest products unveiled exclusively at Williams-Sonoma in January 2016.”


Thaifusions describes our family, our handcrafted sauces and curries, and our passion to bring authentic Thai flavor to all the foods you love. Growing up, our mother’s original Thai recipes filled us with deep respect for our heritage, pride in our culture, and a lifelong craving for the fresh, potent flavors found only in authentic Thai cooking. We realized just how special these recipes were when we opened our family restaurant “Toi” in Seattle. Named after our mom, she shared her recipes and skills, served as our guide and inspiration, and was the final word on taste and standards. When the reviews and honors came in, we celebrated mom first. It was her work that earned us a place in Bon Appetit’s “Best of the Year” issue and national recognition in travel and leisure magazines. We now offer Thaifusions Sauces and Curries. Each made from mom’s recipes so everyone can experience the same Thai flavors we loved growing up. And once again, it’s a shared family passion – with mom serving as our guide and inspiration – and of course, the final word. We hope you enjoy! Kahp kuhn ka (Our humble gratitude)

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