What can I say~  not a whole heckofalot.. that’s what.  🙂

This is just one of those things that will either horrify or delight you in the best way ever.

Friends will either disappear, or never leave your side.  It’s natural selection at its best..haha!

Simple yet frightening, delicious, yet embarrassing..  either way, after a few..you won’t care.  CHEERS! 🙂


What you’ll need:

Snickers..  standard size.

Liquor~  your fave for shots.  I used Bailey’s because..Bailey’s.


Cut the Snickers in half, and gently push down in the center using either a knife or whatever will fit, creating a hole.  Be sure not to poke through the Snickers or you will have messy leaks.  You might also need to slice a small piece off the bottom, just to level it out, so the Snickers can sit without tipping, ..just in case you want to errr..put it down…lol.

Fill it up with your shot of choice, and um…shoot it.

Repeat. ~Enjoy! 🙂



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