When it comes to chips there are either great ones, or um..not-so-great ones.  And you can only hope that when you tear open that bag, you got chips from the “great” category.  It can be a gamble…and when your snacking happiness is on the line, that’s a gamble not worth taking..lol!

I’m happy to say that i had the opportunity to put your fears to rest, at least when it comes to chips.  I was blown away by the taste, texture, and amazing quality of these organic, light, crisp, yet hearty, Que Pasa Tortilla Chips!

With a company like this, you can seriously taste the quality!

“Sometimes it’s really nice to go back to the basics. That’s how we felt when we began as a street front deli in 1983 and we still feel that way today. Inspired by Mexican tradition we wanted to stone-grind corn to make our own flavorful masa, hand-cut tortilla chips, keep chemicals out of the kitchen, share stories, and take care of our community by feeding people well. With artisanal flare we’ve been crafting foods to make you and your taste buds dance. Arriba!

When it comes to quality, no kernel is left unturned. From our carefully sourced whole-grain corn to our skillfully smoked jalapenos, at Que Pasa only the best ingredients make the cut. Keeping it real as nature intended, our foods are organic and non-gmo. And just to make sure no one’s left out of the fiesta, we’ve got plenty of gluten free and vegan options to choose from.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy. You’re in good company.

Buen apetito!”

You’ll feel good about sharing these with your family and friends.. every bite is organic and delicious!

“How our ingredients begin is as important to us as how they end up. We want the foods we make to get the best start in life. For us that means a life without chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or genetic modification. A life where growth and sustenance comes from within. A life where all things come full circle and work in harmony. A life of community and partnership. A life of bounty, birds, and bees. An organic life.

Not only does organic farming produce healthy, nutritious, food, it supports a healthy, vibrant world. A world of color and song. The perfect setting for a fiesta!”

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