Pink & Proud

The pink hue of our pure coconut water is the result of a natural enzymatic process that causes the polyphenolics present in raw coconut water to turn pink over time.

It’s our promise to you that our coconut waters are 100% cold-crafted with no nasties ever added. We pride ourselves on giving you the true freshly-cracked coconut water experience.

We’re all well aware of the importance of water intake and staying hydrated, especially in these blistering-hot summer months.  Remembering to drink enough water can be difficult, um, until now.  Since discovering INVO Coconut Water, I can safely say that I’ve increased my water intake by at least 50%, and I’ve never felt better.

Not only is INVO Coconut Water delicious and refreshing, it also delivers all the health benefits of good hydration!

Check out these fun ideas for post work out snack hydration!

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