Well, Summer is coming to an end and we had a great time celebrating that end with…a Labor Day BBQ!  Luckily, I was able to try out this incredible, simple to use, multi-function fire tool that starts, accelerates and controls the heat of all kinds of fires. Starts charcoal faster than a chimney.

What tool could that be, you ask? Well..  I’m talking about the BBQ Dragon.  Yep, fun name, fun product..and super fun results.

“The BBQ Dragon is stainless steel where it counts: the blower fan unit which is its active part is connected by a flexible gooseneck to a large heat-resistant plastic clamp. Using the clamp, and then adjusting the gooseneck lets the fan be moved into any position desired above the grill. The fan can then be turned on using an adjustable knob that varies the speed and which is found on the clamp. However the BBQ Dragon works best once it is placed in the optimal position, and to find this it’s necessary to actually use it.”

“Bottom line: The BBQ Dragon Fire Supercharger makes use of an abundant free resource — oxygen — to speed up any fire big time. And if time is money and a charcoal grill is on hand, then $49.99 is a small price to pay to get those coals ready for the food quick.”


The BBQ Dragon will make your charcoal grilling life much-much easier..and who wouldn’t want that?  With the BBQ Dragon, you will have a BBQ & fire starter SUPERCHARGER at your service ready to make your next grilling experience a fun, simple, and delicious one.  You can get yourself one right HERE!

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