Oh My GOSH~  When I was offered the opportunity to try out some HI-CHEW candy, I was honored to say the least!  I knew I’d love it, but I didn’t remember exactly how MUCH I’d loooove it!  Talk about a tasty trip back in time!

It has been years since I have had this iconic chewy treat, and the only thing that makes it ok that it’s been SOoo long, is the fact that I’m making up for lost time now.  Yep, I don’t think I’ve stopped chewing these scrumptious, bursting-with-flavor candies for at least 3 days..haha.

“With summer quickly coming to a end, the school year is just around the corner. When planning your next shopping spree for back-to-school snacks for the kids,add HI-CHEW candy to your list. The kid-friendly, parent approved pick is sure to give your kid an instant boost. Perfect for the lunch box or even just a mid-day treat, the delightfully chewy, natural fruit flavors of HI-CHEW will brighten any child’s day. Surprisingly satisfying and easy to eat, HI-CHEW snacks deliver a unique taste and texture that are sure to become an essential part of your shopping list and kid’s snacks. 

This gluten free, nut free candy will have your kids enjoying a flavorful moment, with varieties including mango, cherry, strawberry, banana, grape, green apple and melon. If you’re looking for a unique taste, try newly introduced HI-CHEW Sours. This mix of citrus flavors will elevate your HI-CHEW flavor experience. These flavors include lemon, lime and the customer favorite grapefruit.”

Get yourself some right HERE!  And check out HI-CHEW all across social as well!




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