I recently had the opportunity to try something new, something that I never thought could taste..uh, new. I’m talking about salt. Yep, salt..that magical flavor enhancer that we somehow seem to take for granted has reached new levels of greatness. Salt for Life isn’t your typical salt, nope..its clean, fresh, and natural flavor, puts all other salt to shame and has quickly become my favorite go-to salty sprinkle. Check it out!

It’s Salt
Our salt looks and tastes like salt, because it is Salt! Salt is typically sodium-based. Our salt is a natural potassium salt, often mined in the same salt mines as sodium salt.


Great Taste
Without compromising flavor, we achieve significant reduction. Our salt doesn’t hide the real taste of your food. Food critics and chefs have stated that it actually enhances the natural flavor of foods. Enjoy the true taste of whatever you eat.


Better for You
Our salt is a salt you can feel good about eating. Maintain great taste and achieve unprecedented levels of sodium reduction all while replacing with potassium, a necessary nutrient, often allowing for simpler and better recipes with fewer ingredients required.

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