Well…Happy Pizza Month!  That’s right, an entire month dedicated to the most popular, delicious, cheesy, pie EVER~ PIZZA!

This calls for a celebration dontcha think? ..And what better way to celebrate than with BEER, and um…PIZZA!?  I’m talking about beer AND pizza in the form of fun and function.  These pizza shot glasses are the crazy combo that will take your party to the next level and beyond.

Slam some beer, eat the shot glass..it’s that simple, and THAT delicious, and THAT fun…and, well…just do it.  In a matter of minutes, you too can impress your beer and pizza loving friends with these whimsical little treats.  Fill them up with some Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer and then eat up.

Check out how it’s done right here >

And check out Pabst Blue Ribbon on social and show them some pizza-beer lovin’


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