I get such a kick out of combining innocent, favorite childhood treats with our favorite corrupt adult ‘treats’, so much so… that they become just a seedy shadow of their former innocent selves..lol!  🙂

Such as, infusing Vodka shots with the fun and youthful experience of Tootsie Pops & Blow Pops!  Talk about a deliciously magical morph of sweet sin, that ends with a tasty tootsie or beautiful bubbles to liven up any gathering.

These adult only suckers will breathe life into your holiday party, especially after hours.  When the kiddos head off to dream-land, all the grown-ups can come out to play in the tastiest way ever.  The Tootsie Pops and Blow Pops add such a fun color and fabulous flavor as the alcohol works its magic and makes you feel like a kid again..in an adult way. 🙂

Set these out at your next grown-up gathering and enjoy all the child-like smiles!

What you’ll need:

Tootsie Pops and/or Blow Pops, any flavors you like..one per shot.


Frosting and sprinkles for decoration..optional.


Gently place the rim pf the shot glasses down into some frosting, and then into some festive sprinkles…

Now fill them up with Vodka…

You can go for it now, or let them hang out together for a few minutes and reach their flavor potential…

Share with your most fun friends…

And don’t forget about …  YOU!

How many licks?  Let me know!  ~Enjoy! 🙂


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