So I’ve realized recently that I have a slight obsession with that perfect sweet little puff we like to call the doughnut hole.  Oh..I know..out of all the things one can obsess over, doughnuts don’t seem too bad, however..just look at what that obsession has caused me to do.

Look at this will you~

For some reason I thought those mini delicious doughnuts would be even better if each tender ball of dough were made of actual waffles, and succulently stuffed with yeah~  um..fried chicken..all in a bite sized, adorably delicious, dripping in syrup doughnut hole, resulting in the cutest, and tastiest collision of savory and sweet ever.

And guess what?  …I was right!

These little bites are packed with all things ‘chicken and waffles’ and will be gone before you even have a chance to fully explain the insanity that brought them to life.  When you pop that melt in your mouth waffle doughnut into your mouth, and sink into that bite of succulent fried chicken, the savory/sweet combo will be more than you can handle..

At that point, you realize that sanity is overrated, and it doesn’t even matter anymore..everyone is in hog heaven, and you are a chicken and waffle, doughnut hole, snack-king ROCKSTAR!  Make LOTS!

What you’ll need:

popcorn chicken.. one per doughnut hole (I used KFC’s popcorn chicken)

2 cups of your fave Waffle dry mix

1/2 stick of butter..melted

2 tbsp. sugar

4 1/2 tsp. baking powder

1 cup milk

1 egg

oil for frying..I used canola


In a large bowl combine the waffle mix, butter, milk, egg, and baking powder…

Coat each piece of chicken with the batter…

Be generous, and coat the chicken evenly…

Then…into the hot (350 degree)  oil a few at a time, until evenly golden…

Grab some extra syrup and go for it…

…start popping these yummy creations.  ~Enjoy!  🙂




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