Frontier Bites is simply ‘snacking made simple’, right here..ready for you to fall in love with..and you will!

Welcome to the new frontier.

Keeping it simple. Eating smart. Snacking right.

Pumpkin Seed Apple Vanilla Bean

Only 8 Ingredients

pumpkin seeds
sunflower seeds
brown rice syrup
organic honey
puffed millet
puffed brown rice
vanilla bean

A Bite a day keeps the doctor away… at least that’s what we like to say. Crunch into our first nut free Frontier Bites – made with apples, seeds, whole grains, and real vanilla bean. It’s perfect to send to school or share with the whole family!

GOOD FOOD BY REAL PEOPLE ..found for sale online! 

Since we were young, my brother Nate and I always loved to explore. We spent our weekends outside and inevitably ate many of the sugary, overly processed snack and granola bars on the market. We were sick of it, so we challenged each other to create a new, bite-sized snack using only SIMPLE, CLEAN ingredients to help fuel our adventures. That brotherly competition launched Frontier and the mission to feed and inspire the discovery of new frontiers. 

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