La Tourangelle has figured out a way to not only provide a top-quality, deliciously flavored oil, but they’ve also made it nutritious.  Yes, it’s true..hard to believe right? I know..but, take a look at this!  Oh, and their bottles are so beautiful, they’ll  make a lovely addition to your kitchen decor!

Health Benefits: Excellent source of the anti-oxidant Vitamin E providing 20% of the FDA’s recommended daily intake. Contains 2.70g of Omega 3 to compensate for the low intake of omega 3 in the western diet (omega 3 is important in the prevention of heart disease). These natural and vegetable nutrients are particularly desirable in vegan and vegetarian diet. The Sacha Inchi seeds produce a rare and exceptional virgin oil. It is really considered as a super food by nutritionists.

Heat: Medium-High heat

Taste: Extra Bold

Good Food comes with sustainability: Sacha Inchi has a social impact, promoted as an alternative crop to coca for farmers in the Amazon.

Organic Gourmet Super Food – La Tourangelle has created a unique, 100% organic blend to get the best of both worlds: gourmet food & supplement. The Organic Amazonian Nutriblend™ could be considered a supplement oil thanks to its high level of vitamin E and omega 3. The blend has yummy, nutty aromas and earthy undertones and by using it daily, you will benefit from essential nutrients.

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