When someone asks me where I find inspiration for my recipes, I often say everywhere.. and by “everywhere”, I actually mean.. I have NO idea. lol.  But once in a while I’ll get hit with an idea totally born from the dumbest reasons ever.. and this is one of those times..  🙂

My only inspiration for this one is its name, which happened to pop into my head long before the actual recipe did.  Yeah, I know that’s not exciting, but it’s true.  I got such a kick out of the name “deep fried snow balls” (I’m easily amused) .. that I decided to bring it to life.  Obviously, I couldn’t use real snow balls, because well.. snow. and. deep-fried.  SOoo I chose something much more delicious!  Good old, time-tested, OMG-delectable Sno-Balls.

Those plump orbs of cream filled cake, wrapped in the best tasting blanket of sweet marshmallow love EVER, and then coated in that classic coconut.  And it proved to be one of the very best things that I’ve ever fried, if you’ve ever been here before, you know that’s saying a lot.  😉

All it took was frying these babies up to create honestly one of the BEST things I’ve ever put in my mouth.  The buttery, flaky crescent dough, adds an incredible flavor and texture to the warm, melty, bursting at the seams, cakey, marshmallowy Sno-Ball.  They melt in your mouth!

In a matter of minutes and for only a few dollars, go give them a try, and see if you can prove me wrong.. I’ll wait. 🙂

What you’ll need for 4 balls (adjust accordingly for more balls):

Sno-Balls!  ..the white or the pink~  either will work.

1 container of pillsbury crescent dough, or the seamless crescent dough if you can find it

Oil for frying~  I used Canola

powdered sugar, coconut for topping..optional


Open up the dough, and make sure the seams are sealed.  Divide it into 4 equal parts, and roll each part out so it’s even and not too thick.,

Now simply place one sno ball, flat-side up, into the center of one of the dough sections, and gently pull the dough around the sno ball,

making sure to seal them VERY well…

Fry them one at a time in the hot (350-375 degree) oil until golden on both sides, be sure to flip them over in the oil at least once to fry up both sides.. this goes QUICK..don’t look away.  lol

Let them cool just a bit if you can stand to wait…Top them with some powdered sugar..and maybe some coconut!

Then…DIG IN!  ~Enjoy!





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