Move over chicken, there’s a new kid in town.. and by “kid” I mean PIZZA.. and by “town” I mean your belly.  < sorry.. it’s late and I’m just amusing myself right now, but I digress..

SO, we’ve all had, or at the very least, heard of ‘Beer Can Chicken’ right?!  You know, that semi-abusive, but totally weird and worth it excuse to cram something up a chicken’s butt and call it dinner…? yeah, that!  ..but I digress..

Let’s just say that beer can chicken is delicious, succulent, juicy, and errr..entertaining!  But when you do it with Pizza (minus the cramming something up a pizza’s butt, cuz pizza’s don’t have butts..duh)

~NOW, OMG, NOWWW.. you’re in for a real treat.  ..and by “real treat”..I mean a uh, a REAL TREAT  😉

As simple of a process as this is, it will yield you an incredible result.

A result in the form of the BEST pizza you’ve  ever had.  I’m talking about a crispy, yet tender crust that has been infused low and slow with the beer-steam of roughly 6 beers.  That’s right!  This pizza is steamed as well as baked, to become one incredible pizza eating experience that will have everyone talking long after the last slice is gone.

When that cheese starts to melt under the heat of the beer steam, and it starts dripping with that one of a kind beer/cheese flavor combo, lives will be changed. (and if anyone’s life is not changed by this, get rid of them..or “Ghost” them as you crazy kids like to call it lol!  🙂

This method works just fine in the oven, however.. definitely keep it in mind when it comes time to brush the dust off of your grill.  🙂

Trust me on this.. go do it.  ..GO! …go onnn..goooo!           GO.

What you’ll need: 

Beer!  approx. 6 CANS (NOT BOTTLES) .. of course! ..any brand you like.  I chose Bud because well, it just fits..haha.

Pizza.. FROZEN WORKS BEST!  I’m not going to bore you with how I know this exactly lol..but please, go get a nice frozen pizza and jazz it up.

Fixin’s to ‘jazz it up’~~

Cheese.. I used a semi-soft Mozzarella


And anything else you like on your pizza..  uh.. PINEAPPLE, maybe?  🙂

A round (oven-safe) cooling rack (yeah, the one with the holes)

Tin foil for tenting the pizza.  On a grill, obvi you won’t need the foil.


Gather up your cans and place them on a sheet pan..

POP those tops, or your pizza won’t have any beer flavor.. lol

Now, place the rack on top of the beer cans, and then the pizza on top of the rack.  Evenly align the cans under the pizza so it’s securing the pizza as well as providing even beer/flavor distribution.

Top your pizza with enough extra toppings, so you can convince everyone that it’s not from the store and that you’ve been working on that pizza since the morning.  Shhh, it’ll be our secret.

Tent the pizza loosely with some foil, making sure to seal it as best as you can around the cans, in order to trap that glorious, beer/steam.

..and then carefully transfer it to the oven.  The goal here is to transfer it without spilling any beer, and/or keeping the pizza off the floor for longer than the 5 second rule.. good times.

NOW, bake it at 350 degrees for 15-ish minutes, then gently open up that foil tent, exposing all that melty, cheesy, beer flavored goodness.

Continue baking it for another 10 minutes or so, just to crisp everything up…

Serve (if possible) on top of all those cans…

Because nothing says “class” quite like serving food on top of hot beer cans.  ~Enjoy! 🙂






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