When it comes to creating totally tipsy treats, I’m an expert.  When it comes to actually drinking those totally tipsy drinks, I’m a failure..lol.  But I never let that stop me from creating what I think would be super fun and delicious ways to get my your buzz on..  😉

This time I took fairness into consideration, and decided it would be fun, tasty, and umm, fair.. to meat-ify that good old Bloody Mary we all know and love.. and give “Meaty Mary” an opportunity to leave her mark on your liver.  I’m talking about filling this Mary so full of meat, that her name probably shouldn’t be Mary anymore..lol!

Just think of this drink as Bloody Mary’s fun and spicy meat-filled sister.  The sister who brings life to every family gathering, the sister who will go to the party with you, but never leave with you… the sister who grandma doesn’t mention quite as often.. you know that sister!

Meaty Mary is stuffed with a menagerie of meaty meats, a rimmed glass that’s literally dripping in BBQ sauce & steak seasoning, and then studded with slabs of glazed bacon, splashes and dashes of TABANERO hot sauce,,, and a multitude of fun flavors.

Just give this Meaty Mary a chance, you can keep it a secret, and she won’t even expect a text the next day!  🙂

What you’ll need:

3-6 strips of cooked bacon

3-6 sausage sticks, such as Slim Jim

UV Sriracha Vodka

Tabanero Hot Sauce

1 tbsp. BBQ sauce..your fave

1 tbsp. steak seasoning

V8 juice

a splash of worcestershire sauce

cilantro, hot peppers and lime for garnish


Dip the rim of your glass into the BBQ sauce…

Now into the steak seasoning…

Glaze up the bacon with a generous slathering of BBQ sauce…

Mix the V8, Vodka, Hot Sauce, Worcestershire sauce together and pour into your large glass, and add all of that magical meat, cilantro and garnishes!  Now say CHEERS to your meat-filled Mary and drink up!  ~Enjoy!  🙂

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