When I had the opportunity to try out this incredible Amazing Cosmetics line, my first thought was “hmmm..I can’t eat this..lol), but although it’s not food, fried, bacon, OR booze.. I knew I’d STILL love it.  I mean, what girl doesn’t like to play around with make-up?  And not just any make-up, I’m talking about a top quality line of cosmetics that will have you hooked without breaking the bank.

From the sleek packaging to the high quality ingredients, each product had flawless results.  The concealer also served and the perfect primer, as it seemingly automatically color corrected each area of my multi-toned face and prepared it for a full fresh face to face the day!  🙂  ~It’s now become a vital part of my daily routine.

Check it out:

“Our Amazing Story

Sue Katz and Lisa Thurman always believed a little concealer could go a long way. As two working mothers with young children, they relied on concealer to combat the effect sleepless nights and never ending days had on their complexion, but constantly felt disappointed by the lack of high-performance concealers in the market.

Feeling that women deserved better options for addressing their unique set of skin challenges, Sue and Lisa set out to reinvent the way women thought about and used concealer. Sue’s time as a makeup artist and their combined entrepreneurial spirit lead to the creation of their first hero product, AMAZINGCONCEALER®.

Coveted by beauty insiders and trusted by pro makeup artists for its unbeatable coverage and undetectable finish, their game-changing AMAZINGCONCEALER® revolutionized the category and became known as the industry’s ‘magic eraser.’

AMAZINGCOSMETICS® continues to redefine the face of beauty by creating strikingly effective, complexion-perfecting products that nourish as they perfect so skin feels as good as it looks. With AMAZINGCOSMETICS® women can face the world with a confidence that is all their own”


Use AMAZINGCONCEALER to easily brighten under eye circles and erase ANY skin imperfections by following these easy steps!Be sure to check them out all across social as well!



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