Are we loving all the wild assortment of OREO flavors molesting our news feed?  Or are we doing collective eye rolls?  I’m somewhere in-between! I think I’m fascinated with the idea of 500 different OREO flavors, while at the same time, trying to unstick my eyeballs from the back of my head as we drift farther away from the good old original cookie flavored cookie…lol.

That being said, I will now take this opportunity to rant, feel free to scroll down to avoid said rant, but here we go:

I may be alone in feeling this way, but I feel like OREO is messing with our heads in one giant mind F$$K.  I’m sorry OREO, but if you’re going to tease us with amazing names and flavor ideas, could you at least show some effort in making them authentically flavored?  Like, I know you all sit around in board meetings making important flavor decisions such as Waffles & Syrup.  Did you all unanimously vote to have NO real syrup dripping out of the center, down our face..and onto our clothes?  Or did no one think of it? ..I need to know.  Come on OREO people, get it together.. it says Waffles and Syrup, ..give us some real syrup darn it.  .. ok, rant over.  🙂

And that brings me to this~ this here is a REAL ‘flavored’ OREO.

Oh, yeah..I’m talking about flavors through the roof!

This right here is a cookie and brunch all in one!  As crazy as these sound, trust me.. it will be one of the BEST tasting little treats you’ve ever put in your face.  NO joke!

Each little savory/sweet gem is perfectly packed with ALL things chicken & waffles!  I’m talking about starting with the incredible-ish Waffle & Syrup OREO, and taking it to levels beyond anyone’s normal sanity flavor limits.

We’ve got the OREO, all warm and snuggling some super succulent bites of fried chicken, lovingly smushed and coated in waffle batter, and then deep fried to golden, puffed perfection.  SO GOOD!

Warm, sweet, savory, whimsical, and DELICIOUS..these will make you the MVP VIP and every letter in-between!  ~Make LOTS!

What you’ll need for approx. 2 dozen:

24 Waffles & Syrup OREOS.. these are a limited flavor, so GOLDEN OREOS will totally have the same result!.. trust me.  🙂

Small pieces of pre-cooked fried chicken, such as popcorn chicken or tenders from your deli counter.

Waffle mix.. equalling 2 cups of batter.. follow your box instructions.

oil for frying, either veg or canola

syrup for dipping

powdered sugar for topping


Cut up the chicken into 1/8″-ish slices, making sure that they will fit easily in between the OREO…set aside

Carefully separate each OREO, and place one piece of the chicken in there…

Mix up the waffle batter…

Prepare all the OREOS…

Dip the stuffed cookie in the waffle batter, making sure to coat it evenly and well.  Using tongs helps to gently squeeze the cookie together, and allows you to use a spoon to coat the cookie…

Carefully lower the cookie into the hot (350 degree) oil and VERY carefully release the tongs after it’s slightly golden and holds together on its own.  Battering them by hand and individually lowering them into the oil works well too, as long as your oil is the correct temp.

Let them cool, just slightly.. but you want to eat them warm if possible…

Sprinkle them with some powdered sugar, cuz it’s

And remember the syrup for dipping.. it’s a must.

Now,  DIG IN!  ~Enjoy! 🙂





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