Sometimes you just need to change things up, switch things around.. reinvent a classic, you know.. just to keep things interesting.  And this is one of those times.

After recently indulging in enjoying a very large small portion of onion rings, it got me thinking (well, maybe it was the margarita(s) that got me thinking, but I digress) “hmm.. I wonder why onions get all the deep fried ‘ring glory’?”  I mean, onions are good, but are they the only thing that can ever be made into “rings” good??  .. Nooo, I think not.

What if someone (me) .. wanted a sweet, dessert-style ‘ring’, a hot, crispy, sweet & succulent, sugar-filled, not savory RING?!  …and here we are!  🙂

I ditched those onions and traded them in for ummm.. doughnuts, yesss..doughnuts!  Why doughnuts you ask?  ..well, first of all, they’re round, and so half my “ring” work is already done for me, and second of all ..they’re amazing!

I couldn’t stop imagining what a crispy-coated, deep fried doughnut ring would taste like, so I just HAD to do it.. and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done

I’m talking about, a deep fried, golden, light and crispy coated, warm, gooey, doughnut that literally melts in your mouth.  They are To. Die. FOR!

~Whip up a batch and just watch those favorite faces of yours light up.  These are the star of the dessert show and you are the VIP!

Make LOTS!  **SIDE NOTE~ YES, glazing them after they’re done would be Ahhh~maaazing!!

What you’ll need for one dozen doughnut rings (increase amounts accordingly for more):

6 doughnuts

oil for frying.. I use either canola or veg oil

The Batter:

1 HEAPING cup of all purpose flour

1 cup (or so) of milk

1 egg

2 tbsp. veg oil


In a large bowl, mix up the batter by combining the flour, egg, milk, (and a dash of cinnamon and/or sugar if you’d like).. mix until it’s smooth and has a pancake-like batter consistency…

Slice the doughnuts in half…

Then cut out the center “ring”…

***Now place them in a single layer on a sheet pan and put them into the freezer.  These will need to be SUPER cold in order to hold up to the frying process.

While the doughnut rings are getting their chill on in the freezer.. heat up the oil to 350-360 degrees.

Take on ring at a time and batter that baby up…

Let the excess batter run off, and fry them up on at a time just until they’re golden.. making sure to gently flip them over for even frying…

Let them cool just a bit… Or if you can’t wait, go a head and risk the burns and eat one now.. it’s up to YOU! 🙂

Dust them with some powdered sugar… (and/or dip them into some uhh..carmael?!)

And get your NOT – ONION, ALL – DOUGHNUT ring on!  ~Enjoy! 🙂








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