Spring has sprung, and that means the kitchen is clean, organized, and ready for some fresh cookin’!  Nothing makes food taste better than a new season, and some great kitchen tools to get the job done.

T-fal has earned its amazing reputation from providing us with time-tested, top-quality, products in order to get your best recipes on that table, and into the mouths of friends and family.. where it belongs.  Here are a just a few items that will make your spring and summer fare, simple, stress free.. and most importantly…delicious.

Check them out:

Eggs are a summertime staple, and can be easily enjoyed with the T-fal Ingenio Egg Slicer! From halves to wedges to the thinnest pieces, this egg slicer includes interchangeable disks for all of your egg cutting needs!

T-fal Ingenio Adjustable Basting Brush, Black

“From basting the main dish to buttering croissants, the T-fal Ingenio Basting Brush does it all! With an adjustable brush head for optimal basting angles, this brush also features a hook to prevent brush from sliding into basting pot, and “kick-stand” feature to elevate the handle off the table”

T-fal Ingenio Silicone Spreader Spatula, Red/Black 

“Finish off your Easter celebration with a scrumptious dessert! The T-fal Ingenio Spreader Spatula features a contoured edge perfect for scraping the batter from a bowl as well as a rigid straight edge for seamless icing.”

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