“Triple filtered water, light carbonation, only natural flavors. Refreshingly clean. Distinctively good.
Drink Tickle Water anytime, anywhere.”


I’m Heather McDowell, mom to Jayger, and resident of New York City. I love sparkling water. I’ve been drinking bubbly water from the time I was 19 years old living in South America, where everyone drinks “Agua con Gas”.

Before my son Jayger was even 2 years old, he would reach out with his mini hands and ask in his little voice for my sparkling water. One day I said “why not?”, and poured Jayger some bubbles. While he took his first sip of carbonation, I told him that it would “tickle” his tongue because it had bubbles in it. He looked at me with curiosity, sipped, giggled, and said “tickle tickle.” He loved it! And now asks for tickle water everyday. So, the name stuck. In our family we call sparkling water, seltzer, bubbly water, or whatever name you might have heard, Tickle Water!

So Tickle Water was born – to get our children drinking more water and less sugary beverages. I created a clean sparkling water experience for kids in just the right size, with a super cool package, the perfect amount of bubbles, and the best tasting flavors.

And what do you know?! Tickle Water is loved by adults and kids and everyone in-between. It’s the perfect sparkler for the whole family or the whole squad. So as I like to say… Drink Your Bubbles!

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