Well, let me start simply by saying thank you, yes, thank YOU for making it this far, and not running for the hills after reading the title of this recipe alone!  I have no defense, I simply got magically mystified by all the Unicorn madness and needed to release my colorful take on this annoying popular trend.    And here we are!

At least I stayed away from the sugary unicorn treats (for now), and put all of that rainbow magic into something savory..like umm..onions. LOL!

Now, wait.. hang on, these are technically regular onion rings, they don’t taste like StrawberryMangoGrapeVanilla AT ALL.  In fact, if you close your eyes when you’re eating these, you’d never know that they’re unicornized.. at least not until you smile and reveal your unicorn lips.. but let’s not worry about that now.

Now, our only concern is magically mortifying your closest friends and family with these babies, and trust me.. if you’re not careful, there will be a unicorn intervention in your very near future..but let’s not worry about that now.

~If necessary, you can always go ahead and blame me.  🙂

For now, just take in the mesmerizing madness that is.. Unicorn Onion Rings!

What you’ll need for a huge pile of magical madness:

2 large white onions

Assorted neon (squeeze tube) gel food coloring.. this is what you will need!  The liquid food coloring isn’t bright enough and will also water down your batter.

fun and colorful sprinkles to make it even more annoying.

oil for frying..I used veg oil.

Oh and Ranch dressing..for dipping.  🙂

The Batter:

2 cups flour

4 egg whites

1 cup (or so) milk

a dash of salt


First, slice your onions into 1/4″ slices…

Soak them in cold water for 30 minutes…

Now, separate the onions into rings, and pat dry…

In a large bowl, combine the flour, milk, and egg whites.. mix until well combined…

Next, you’ll need to separate the batter into individual containers to add each color… you can use as many or as little colors as you’d like.. this is your unicorn.

After each colorful batter is mixed up….

Pour them into a large bowl, making sure that the colors remain as separate as possible, keeping them from running together as best you can…

Coat one of the onion rings in the batter, gently! .. as not to disturb the colors so that your fried result is bright and colorful..

Drop the onion rings immediately into the hot (350 degree) oil and flip them over right away.  They fry up super quickly, if they’re in the oil for too long the colors will go away..so watch them carefully!  It only takes seconds!

Let them cool for a few…

Now, let’s Unicornize the Ranch Dressing shall we?

Simply add swirls of color to the Ranch and lightly stir it around until it’s either the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen..or the most disturbing..lol!

Set it aside…

The time has come to let the magic take over…

It’s time to serve them up and act like you’re not insane for making these…

Don’t forget the Unicorn Ranch, you know, ..just in case there was a chance you still don’t look crazy enough…

At this point, just own it…

And proudly dig in!  ~Enjoy the magic!






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