The 4th of July holiday is right around the corner and we all know what that mean.. FREEDOM, FUN, and FOOD..  yep, all our favorite “F” words..right?!  😉

Gone are the days when we were forced to serve up nothing but meat when it comes to our most popular backyard BBQ occasions.  Now, thanks to incredible brands like Lightlife, we are able to provide delicious, and totally meat-free options to those who prefer a meat-less diet.  And let me just say that Lightlife is the BEST in the biz!


Not only does Lighthouse offer incredible plant-based options, they’ve also made it easily available to everyone!  Check it out:

Now take a peek at a quick and delicious hot dog idea that will create tons of crispy smiles from your family and friends.


What you’ll need:

Lighthouse Hot Dogs

Large egg roll per hot dog

1 egg, mixed with a splash of water


Place a hot dog onto one wrapper, and roll it up.. making sure to seal the edges with some egg wash…

Put them seam-side down onto your hot grill, and grill them until golden and crispy.. Then DIG IN!  ~Enjoy! 🙂

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