A little tidbit about me:  I love pickles!

Well, actually.. they have to be a certain kind of pickle, unless they’re on a sandwich, OR fried, because then I really don’t care.  Oh, and I don’t like whole pickles either, they need to at least be cut in half..lengthwise, and I only like the cold ones.. not the all warm, on a dusty shelf at the store pickles.  … I’m so easy to pickle please..lol  😉

Anyway.. I’m always up for a good old pickle recipe, since there really aren’t THAT many and that’s just simply not fair.  So, I knew that when this idea popped into my head, I would have to do right by the pickle and add in some booze.  Cuz it’s just not a fun pickle recipe if we’re sober.

Annnd here we are!  Collectively staring at what could very well be the world’s very first deep fried pickle shot glass.. filled with boozy lemon JELL-O..of course.  Now, you can totally fill these babies with any libation you’d like, but for the sake of whimsy, I chose good old:  {you’ll never know you’re drunk until it’s too late} JELL-O!

These are everything we know and love about crispy fried pickles, all perfectly balanced out with the sweet, smooth, tang of lemony JELL-O.  Forget about these perfect party pickles being ‘the life of the party’ ~  make a batch of these and you will BE the party!

~What you’ll need for one dozen fried pickle JELL-O shots:

6 whole dill pickles

1-3 oz. box of Lemon JELL-O

1/2 cup of Lemon Vodka

1 lemon..sliced for garish..optional

oil for frying..either veg, or canola

The Batter:

1 1/2 cups of dry italian seasoned bread crumbs

1 cup milk

1 egg

a dash of salt & pepper to taste..


First, cut the pickles evenly in half…

Trim the stem ends just a little so the pickles sit flat…

Now, gently scoop out some of the center flesh, making sure to leave a nice and solid structure inside the pickle for the booze…

Place the pickles in the freezer while you prepare everything else…

Prepare the JELL-O according to your box instructions BUT REPLACE HALF OF THE COLD WATER IT CALLS FOR WITH THE BOOZE, and let it set up in the fridge…

Now.. in a shallow bowl combine the bread crumbs, salt and pepper…In another shallow bowl, combine the milk and the egg…

Take the pickles out of the freezer, and dip one in the milk…

Then into the bread crumbs… REPEAT THAT AGAIN for a nice, crispy coating.. into the milk and bread crumbs one more time..

Fry them up one at a time in the hot (350 degree) oil, until they’re evenly golden on all sides.  Let them cool completely.

Now spoon in some of that lemon JELL-O!

Add on a cute little lemon slice, if you so choose…

And dig in!  ~CHEERS!







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