O. M. G. Happy sweet summertime you guys!!  Please, I totally understand how incredibly crazy this one sounds, I get it.. BUT~ what started out as a whimsical Hot Cheetos idea, ended up being one of the BEST tasting flavor combos I’ve ever dared let enter my lips!  I promise!

It’s true!  The balance of the heat & the sweet, the hot & the cool, the creamy & the crunchy.. is nothing short of impeccable!  Not to mention how darn attractive these babies are.  The WOW factor is off the charts!  

Now, I didn’t just stick some Hot Cheetos onto the ice cream..nooope!  I blended those beautiful bits right into that sweet, cool, ice cream so they could properly become one!  ..magically morphed into what will soon become your new favorite way to horrify your closest family & friends… in the most delicious way ever.. of course!  🙂

Out of all of the craziest hot cheetos creations floating around right now, I’m pretty sure not many of them will have this one beat in the flavor department.  Nooo way!  

Whip up a few of these crazy cones, and snap some pics of the reactions you get.. post them here.. LOL!   ~Make LOTS!

What you’ll need for 4 HOT and ICY cones:

2 cups crushed Hot Cheetos

2 cups vanilla ice cream

cones.. one per serving

chocolate sauce

1/2 cup crushed Hot Cheetos for the cones


In a food processor, pulse the cheetos until they’re crumbs…

Now add in the ice cream, and pulse until incorporated.

Dip the cones into the chocolate sauce…

And then into the cheetos crumbs…

Fill up the cones with the ice cream, and DIG IN!  ~Enjoy!  🙂


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