I know there isn’t much that can improve a good old hot dog, BUT.. somehow I think we’ve (maybe) managed!  With one simple switcharoo, we’ve single-handedly taken the basic hot dog that we all know and love, and kicked its basic bun to the curb.  

That’s right, I’ve implemented one of my favorite sayings here “why use bread, when you can use pizza?”  And it worked!  

Gone are the days when our hot dog to bread ratio all but ruined the whole hot dog eating experience for us.  Now, instead of dry, flavorless buns.. we have uhmm.. cheesy and flavorful PIZZA buns!

This is the most dynamic culinary combo ever, as 2 of our favorite snacks has now become one.  And by the way they get along, I’d say.. it’s an unbreakable union.  What a time to be alive!

What you’ll need:

Hot dogs ..bun length

Frozen pizza.. defrosted

A grill or skillet


Defrost the pizza, and cut it evenly in half

Place the pizza crust side down onto the grill and lay the hot dog in the center

Cover with a foil tent, until the pizza and the hot dogs are warm

Gently fold the pizza in half, around the hot dog ..

…and serve…

Then dig IN!  ~Enjoy!  🙂


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